Features and Benefits

APPROXIMATE COVERAGE - 8 sq.ft. at 8 mils thickness.

SINGLE APPLICATION - 250g of a 2 component industrial strength epoxy system dispensed through a a standard mixing bag. EASY TO USE and NO MESS to clean up!

100% SOLIDS, NO VOCs - With no water or solvents that evaporate while curing, Supershell retains 100% of its thickness and body after cure. This allows for better, more reliable coverage and a thickness integrity that is un-compromised. There are also no harmful organic vapors (VOCs) like you experience with urethane products making the application of Supershell safe, easy and enjoyable.

CHEMICAL and CORROSION RESISTANT - Supershell provides a new, permanent surface which is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. It prevents the substrate from further exposure to moisture thus mitigating further corrosion as well as creating a barrier unaffected by a wide variety of chemicals.

CURES UNDERWATER - Supershell is ideal for sealing and coating projects exposed to water immersion minimizing potential downtime and system preparation.

WORKS ON A VARIETY OF SURFACES - Works on metal, fiberglass, stainless steel, concrete and wood surfaces.

SUPERSHELL IS IDEAL FOR - Condenser and Drain Pans, HVAC Coatings, Swamp Coolers, Cooling Tower Repair, Tank Linings, Leak Repair, Collection Systems and MUCH MORE!


1. Grip bag along the edge and gently pull off the blue clip.  Roll the side of the bag with the largest amount of material toward the center while applying pressure to the rolled up section. 

2. Mix thoroughly in bag until the color is uniform.  Do not use excessive pressure or puncture the bag during mixing.

3. Empty the contents of the bag and spread evenly.  

Supershell is self-leveling to ensure elimination of crevices or cavities and creates a new, permanent surface.  Loggerhead Supershell All-Purpose Burst Packs give you all the benefits of an industrial strength 2-part epoxy in a easy to use single application. No heavy mixing, no exhaustive prep, no mess AND no clean-up. YOU ARE DONE!